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“The construction of any successful project must take into account fundamental human values and interdisciplinary ways of thinking: building mutual understanding is the foundation of sustainable innovation.”

Nina’s dual background in Law and politics allows her to understand and tackle complex situations with a strong analytical mind. Her interdisciplinary training enables her to advocate on behalf of her client’s interests at all levels of EU decision-making through legal, policy, and regulatory channels, as well as through communication.

Having a keen interest in European affairs and the development of new environmental technologies, Nina brings a refreshing vision to the creation of innovative and sustainable solutions by fostering the creation of political compromises in line with the latest technical and scientific realities.

Nina holds a bachelor’s in Law, a master’s in Law and Globalisation, a master’s in Political Sciences & International Relations, as well as educational certificates in International Law and Humanitarian Law. She is a native French speaker and fluent in English.

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